Linkus Mobile Client Guide

Linkus Mobile Client

Quick Start Guide

Download Linkus

Linkus Mobile Client integrates iOS and Android mobile phones with Yeastar IPPBX. It enhances efficiency with consistent in-office experience and powerful collaboration features. Never miss a call when working away from the office. And reduce mobile voice charges with VoIP phone calls made through the company PBX.

Log in Linkus

After receiving the Linkus Welcome Email from your administrator, use mobile phone to scan the provided QR code to quickly log in Linkus.

Unified Directory


Synchronize extension information within your organization. Quickly and easily find the desired colleague by searching name or number.


Synchronize local contacts on your mobile phone. Quickly add phone contacts to company contacts or personal contacts.


Synchronize a central, company-shared contacts list to streamline resources and facilitate business tasks.

Build an exclusive personal directory for speed dial.

Flexible Dialing Modes

Method 1: Intelligent number-matching for quick dial-out

Enter number on dialpad, Linkus intelligently matches the relevant contact to help you quickly dial out.

Method 2: Rewrite the prefix of callee number and place the call out

Long press a contact's mobile number or another external number, and select "Dial through PBX". Then you can rewrite the prefix of callee number, and place the call out using company's trunk.

Feature-rich Call Operations

Easily click to make, hold, mute, transfer, and record a call to any phone number or extension.

Instant Messaging for Instant Result

Have an instant sharing of ideas with one or more colleagues by sending texts, images, files, and emojis.

Rich Presence Information

Customized presence message and call forwarding rule allow your colleagues to know when and how best to contact you.

Initiate a Multi-party Call

Start a call with one or more participants to work on a subject that requires immediate attention.

Host a Conference

Host a regular conference call and invite other participants to join. Up to 9 participants can be on the conference call.

Access Voicemails and Recordings from anywhere

The voicemails and recordings are synchronized on Linkus and Yeastar PBX system. You can check voice messages on Linkus effortlessly.