Requirements for Yeastar CTI

To use Yeastar CTI feature, make sure that the following requirements are met.

PBX requirements

Table 1.
Yeastar S50/S100/S300 or later
Yeastar K2 IPPBX or later
Yeastar Cloud PBX or later

Linkus Clients requirements

Table 2.
Linkus Windows Desktop 1.10.3 or later
Linkus Mac Desktop 1.10.3 or later

Phone requirements

Prepare an analog phone or IP phone that you need to control by Linkus. The phone should meet the following requirements:
  • Analog phone

    Use the same extension as Linkus Lite.

  • IP phone
    • Use the same extension as Linkus Lite
    • Register ONLY one account on the IP phone, or the Yeastar CTI may not work.