System Preference

Configure the preferences settings that will be applied globally to the system.

Go to Settings > PBX > General > Preferences to configure the system preferences.

General Preference

Table 1. Descriptions of General Preference
Option Description
Max Call Duration Select the global maximum call duration.

The precedence of Max Call Duration(s) (Global v.s. Extension):

  • For internal calls: The Max Call Duration(s) setting of the caller's extension takes precedence.
  • For outbound calls: The Max Call Duration(s) setting of the caller's extension takes precedence.
  • For inbound calls: The global Max Call Duration(s) setting takes precedence.
Attended Transfer Caller ID The Caller ID that will be displayed on the recipient's phone. For example, Phone A (transferee) calls Phone B (transfer), and Phone B transfers the call to Phone C (recipient). If set to Transfer, the Caller ID displayed will be Phone B's number; if set to Transferee, Phone A's number will be displayed.
Flash Event Set which event will be triggered by pressing the hook flash:
  • 3-way Calling
  • Call Transfer
Virtual Ring Back Tone Once enabled, when the caller calls out with cellular trunks, the caller will hear the virtual ring back tone generated by the system before the callee answers the call.
Distinctive Caller ID When the incoming call is routed from Ring Group, Queue or IVR, the Caller ID would display where it comes from.
Match Route Permission When Seizing a Line If checked, when users seize a line to place an outbound call, the call will succeed only when the route permission is matched.
FXO Mode

Select a mode to set the On Hook Speed, Ringer Impedance, Ringer Threshold, Current Limiting, TIP/RING voltage, adjustment, Minimum Operational Loop Current, and AC Impedance as predefined for your country's analog line characteristics.

The default setting is FCC for USA.
Tone Region Select your country or nearest neighboring country to enable the default dial tone, busy tone, and ring tone for your region.
DTMF Duration Set the duration of a DTMF tone on the FXO trunk.
DTMF Gap Set the interval between each DTMF tone on the FXO trunk.

Extension Preference

Below are default extension ranges. You can change the extension range according to your needs.

Note: PBX treats Ring Group, Paging Group, Conference, Queue as extensions. Extension users can dial the extension numbers to reach them directly.
Extension Type Default Range
User Extensions 1000 - 5999
Account Trunk 6100 - 6199
Ring Group Extensions 6200 - 6299
Paging Group Extensions 6300 - 6399
Conference Extensions 6400 - 6499
IVR Extensions 6500 - 6599
Queue Extensions 6700 - 6799
Branch ID 6800 -6899