Feature Code

Feature codes are used to enable and disable certain features available in the Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX. Extension users can dial feature codes on their phones to use that particular feature.

Go to Settings > PBX > General > Feature Code to view or change the feature code settings.

  • Feature Code Digit Timeout: The timeout to input next digit. The default is 4000 ms.

Default Feature Codes

One Touch Recording *1
Auto Recording Switch *00
Call Forwarding
Reset to Defaults *70
Enable Forward All Calls *71
Disable Forward All Calls *071
Enable Forward When Busy *72
Disable Forward When Busy *072
Enable Forward No Answer *73
Disable Forward No Answer *073
Check Voicemail *2
Voicemail for Extension **
Voicemail Main Menu *02
Blind Transfer *03
Attended Transfer *3
Enable Do Not Disturb *74
Disable Do Not Disturb *074
Call Pickup
Call Pickup *4
Extension Pickup *04
Switch Dynamic Agent's Login Status *75
Switch Agent's Pause Status *075
Busy Camp-on
Enable Busy Camp-on *79
Disable Busy Camp-on *079
Time Condition
Time Condition Override *8
Intercom *5
Call Monitor
Listen *90
Whisper *91
Barge-in *92
Call Parking
Call Parking *6
Directed Call Parking *06
Parking Extension Range 6900-6999
Hot Desking
Guest In *93
Guest Out *093
Force Drop
Call Force Drop *94
Remote IVR
Remote IVR #9