Check Voicemail Messages

Extension users have multiple ways to check their voicemail messages.

Check Voicemail on Linkus

Log in Linkus, go to Me > Voicemail to check your voicemail.

Check Voicemail on a Phone

  • Dial feature code *2 on a phone

    A user can dial *2 on his own phone to check voicemail.

  • Dial feature code *02 on a phone

    A user can dial *02 on other user's phone to enter the voicemail main menu, then enter his/her extension number and voicemail PIN to check voicemail.

Check Voicemail on Web Page

Extension users can log in the PBX web page to check their own voicemails.
  • User name: The extension user's email address.
  • Password: The extension's User Password.

Check Voicemail via Email

If voicemail to email is enabled for an extension user, the user can check voicemails in his/her email box.

Check Voicemail via IVR

If you check the option Dial to Check Voicemail for an IVR; users can access the IVR to check their voicemails. This solution is for the users who are outside the office to check their voicemails.
Tip: If the users are using Linkus, they can dial *2 directly to check their voicemails.