Mobility Extension

Yeastar Mobility Extension allows you to stay in contact with colleagues and clients using either office phone or mobile phone with the same extension number.


When you're out of office or on a business trip, the mobility extension allows your mobile phone to have the same permissions as the office phone and frees you from missing any business calls.

With mobility extension feature, you can achieve the followings.

  • Place free calls to your colleagues.
  • Call external numbers using the trunks on the PBX.
  • Receive calls using your mobile phone wherever and whenever calls reach your extension number.

Configure Mobility Extension

  1. Log in the PBX web interface, go to Settings > Extensions, click beside the extension that you want to edit.
    Note: If Linkus is enabled for the extension, this extension has no Mobility Extension feature and the relevant settings are hidden automatically.
  2. On Edit Extension page, click Features tab.
  3. In the Mobility Extension section, select the checkbox of Enable Mobility Extension.
  4. Select the checkbox of Ring Simultaneously.
  5. Set the mobile number and prefix.
    • Set Mobile Number: Enter your mobile number to associate your mobile number with extension number.
    • Prefix: Optional. Enter prefix of outbound route so that PBX can successfully route incoming calls to your mobile phone.
    When a call reaches your office phone, your mobile phone will ring simultaneously.
  6. Click Save and Apply.

Use Mobility Extension

After configuring mobility extension, you can use your mobile phone to call in the PBX as follows.

  1. Dial a trunk number of the PBX.

    You will hear a voice prompt asking you to dial a phone number that you want to call.

  2. Dial an extension number or an external number.
    • Dial an extension number

      The called party will see caller ID "mobile_number <extension_number>".

    • Dial an external number

      The called party will see caller ID "mobile_number".

      • Make sure the prefix of mobile number matches the dial patterns of outbound route.
      • Make sure at least two trunks are available on PBX. When you use your mobile phone to call in the PBX, the trunk which routes your incoming call to PBX will be occupied, PBX needs another trunk to call the external number out.