Agent Missed Call Activity Report

Agent Missed Call Activity report provides a quick overview of missed calls associated with individual agents. This topic introduces how to access the report and explains the key metrics in detail.

Access Agent Missed Call Activity report

  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Reports and Recordings > Call Reports.
  2. In the Report Type drop-down list, select Agent Missed Call Activity.

  3. Filter data by system time, queue, or agent(s).

    A report that meets the filter criteria is displayed on the page, as shown below.

Report details

We take the above report as an example to introduce the key metrics for Agent Missed Call Activity report.

Metric Description

The date and time that the caller called to the queue.

Waiting Time The amount of time that the caller waited before being answered or timeout.
Call From The caller's caller ID.
Polling Attempts The number of polling attempts to call the agent.
Queue Status Whether the missed call was answered by other agents in the queue.
  • Answered
  • No Answered
Count Indicate that this is a missed call, and the value is fixed at 1.