Linkus Desktop Client External Chat Overview

Linkus External Chat feature allows you to centrally deal with customer queries (from different messaging channels, such as SMS or social media) on Linkus Desktop Client.

Preview of Linkus Desktop Client external chat


PBX Server
  • Version: or later.
  • Plan: Enterprise Plan or Ultimate Plan
  • Messaging: At least one messaging channel is set up on PBX.
Linkus Desktop Client
  • Version:
    • Widows Desktop: 1.2.14 or later
    • macOS Desktop: 1.2.10 or later

Channel types

The external chats are marked with specific icons to indicate the type of the source channel, as listed below:
  • : The message is sent from SMS channel.
  • : The message is sent from WhatsApp channel.


Learn about the restrictions of different messaging channels.
SMS channel WhatsApp channel
Chat type Only support 1:1 conversation
Session auto closure Depends on system administrator's configurations. Automatically close a messaging session that has been inactive for 24 hours.
Messaging mechanism

You can receive and reply to customers' inbound messages, and can initiate a messaging session.

You can receive and reply to customers' inbound messages, but can NOT initiate a messaging session.

File sharing Max. 100 MB
File retention period 24 hours


  • All-in-one message inbox: Receive and manage all customers' queries across multiple messaging channels centrally in one place.
  • Customer contact using business number: Contact customers using a business phone number, while keeping your personal number private.
  • Seamless collaboration across colleagues: Transfer a messaging session to another colleague, the colleague can review the whole chat history and take over the messaging session without hassle.
  • Flexible session management: Supports management operations including elevating a messaging session to a call, archiving or unarchiving messaging sessions, and more.
  • Customizable Notification Settings: Enable or disable notifications (pop-up and sound) for new messages.


For more information about how to use the external chat, see Manage Customer Queries from External Messaging Channels.