Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition

Release date: June 20, 2022

Improvement and bug fixes

Web Interface
Optimized the user experience of web interface.
Optimized the following API interfaces:
  • recording/list interface: Added file parameter in response parameters to display the call recording file name.
  • recording/download interface: Added file parameter in request parameters. You can enter a call recording file name in this parameter to obtain the download URL of the call recording file.
SIP Trunk
Fixed the SIP trunk issue: A user had added a DID number on the SIP register trunk, but when a caller dialed the DID number, the system didn't receive the call.
Outbound Route
Fixed the Outbound Route parameter exporting issue: A user had selected extensions in outbound routes, but when the user exported the outbound route parameter, the Extensions parameter was blank.
Fixed the queue call issue: Queue manager received multiple "missed call" emails even if the queue calls had been answered by agents.