Satisfaction Survey Report

Satisfaction Survey report provides a quick overview of the key pressed collected from callers for a queue and its agents. This topic introduces how to access the report and explains the key metrics in detail.

Access Satisfaction Survey report

  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Reports and Recordings > Call Reports.
  2. In the Report Type drop-down list, select Satisfaction Survey.

  3. Filter data by system time and queue.

    A report that meets the filter criteria is displayed on the page, as shown below.

Report details

The key metrics for Satisfaction Survey report is shown below.

Metric Description
KEY: {key_pressed}({numeric} Points) The key pressed by caller and corresponding score for the key.
Total KEY The total number of keys that were collected for the queue or an agent.
Total Points The total satisfaction survey scores for the queue or an agent.
Average Points The average satisfaction survey scores for the queue or an agent.

Formula: Total Points / Total KEY, where the calculated average points will be truncated to two decimal places without rounding up.