Call Center Supervisor Guide

This guide introduces the Call Center Console of Yeastar Call Center, a web-based utility integrated into Linkus Web Client, and provides step-by-step procedures on how you can use the Call Center Console dashboards, manage queues and monitor agents.


This guide is intended for call center managers (supervisors) and authorized agents with responsibilities that include managing and monitoring the performance of call queue and agents, as well as ensuring that the call center meets established service level and goals.

Note: For guidance on introducing operations to agents that responsible for handling queue calls only, see Call Center Agent Guide.


To access and use the Call Center Console on Linkus Web Client, make sure your web browser meet the following requirements.

Web Browser Version
Google Chrome (recommended) Chrome 87 or later
Microsoft Edge Edge 87 or later
Opera Opera 72 or later

Dashboard overview

Yeastar Call Center provides a powerful console, Call Center Console, for call center managers and agents. It encompasses the following components:

  • Wallboard: A Wallboard is a reporting tool that displays call center metrics and KPIs to allow managers and agents to monitor and optimize performance.

    For more information, see Wallboard Overview.

  • Queue Panel: Show the call metrics and agents' performance in real time, and offer a comprehensive view on activity of call. It is available to managers and agents to manage queue calls.

    For more information, see Queue Panel Overview.