Inbound Call Center Overview

Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition provides an Inbound Call Center for businesses to provide customer supports via voice calls. With the call center functionalities, business agents can promptly and efficiently handle and manage incoming calls from customers, significantly improving agent productivity and responsiveness, ultimately ensuring a higher level of customer satisfaction.


Yeastar Inbound Call Center service provides the following highlights:

Automatic call distribution
Efficiently routes incoming calls to the most appropriate agents based on predefined rules and criteria, ensuring that customer inquiries are handled quickly and by the most qualified personnel.
Enhanced caller waiting experience
Proactively serve customers in the queue with valuable information such as their queue position, estimated wait time, queue callback instructions, holiday greetings, and other customized prompts, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience.
Unified supervisor and agent workspace
Provide unified supervisor and agent web-based workspace, Wallboard and Queue Panel, to allow users to monitor and optimize performance with metrics, and offer a comprehensive view on activity of call for users to handle queue calls.
SLA for quality assurance
Ensure that your call center consistently delivers high-quality service by meeting or exceeding the targets defined in your Service Level Agreement (SLA).
Intuitive reports and analystics
Run targeted analysis of your call center data by customizing timeframe, agent, or queue selection. Share the real-time or historical reports with your team in graphical, downloadable formats, and schedule reports to be run periodically in the future.

Roles in Yeastar Call Center

Users can access the call center and perform different functions based on their assigned roles, as the following table lists.

Role Description
Administrator System administrator who establish a call queue, configure queue options (call distribution, announcements and MoH, queue overflow and timeout handling, queue preference settings, etc.), assign members as queue managers and agents, set up call center, and manage call center reports.

For more information, see Call Center Administrator Guide.

Supervisor Users with the Queue Manager role assigned by the system administrator to be a supervisor for a queue. The supervisors are responsible for monitoring call queue performance, managing queue calls, and supervising agents.

For more information, see Call Center Supervisor Guide.

Agents Users with Agent role assigned by the system administrator. The agents are responsible for handling incoming call interactions in the call queues.

For more information, see Call Center Agent Guide.