Monitor a Call

Call monitoring is the process of monitoring conversations between employees and customers for improving communication and customer service. This topic describes how to monitor a call.


For sales and support in call center, call monitoring is a way to manage call quality, increase agent efficiency, improve agent performance, and develop sales or marketing strategies.

You can monitor agents' conversations in the following ways:

  • Call listening: Listen to the active call between the agent and customer to ensure that quality standards are met, without the agent or customer knowing.
  • Call whispering: Talk to the agent, and give assistance to the agent during an active call, without the customer hearing the discussion.
  • Call barging: Join the call to speak with both the agent and customer, provide immediate assistance, and improve customer satisfaction.


  • You are queue manager.
  • To monitor agents' calls, make sure that you have been granted the Call monitoring operations (Listen, Whisper, Barge In) permission by the system administrator.


  1. In the Linkus Web Client, go to Call Center Console > Queue Panel.
  2. On the Active Calls panel, hover your mouse over an active call.
  3. Right click the call, and select a monitor mode: Barge In, Listen, or Whisper.

    The system places a call to your extension.

  4. Answer the call.