Create a CRM application on HubSpot

You need to create an application on HubSpot for integration using a developer account, and configure the authorization settings.


  • To create an application, you need a developer account.
  • You have subscribed Enterprise Plan (EP) or Ultimate Plan (UP) plan, and the FQDN is available.


Step 1. Get authentication information on PBX

  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Integrations > CRM.
  2. Click HubSpot.

  3. In the Network section, take note of the Redirect URL as you will use it later on HubSpot.
    Note: The Homepage URL is the FQDN domain name of your PBX, which is used to compose the Redirect URL.

Step 2. Create and configure an application on HubSpot

  1. Log in to your HubSpot developer account.
  2. Select Create an app.

    Tip: You can also proceed on Apps > Create app.

  3. In the App Info tab, configure basic information of the application.
    1. In the Public app name field, specify an application name, which will be used wherever your application is displayed for HubSpot users.
    2. Optional: Upload a logo and add descriptions for the application.
  4. In the Auth tab, complete application authorization settings.
    1. In the Redirect URL section, paste the Redirect URL obtained from the PBX.

    2. In the Scopes section, define the permissions of data access or operation in HubSpot for your application.
      1. In the CRM drop-down list, select the following scopes.

      2. In the Standard drop-down list, select the following scopes.

    3. On the bottom column, click Save.


The HubSpot CRM application is created. You can check and manage the application in the Apps page.

What to do next