Release Date: March 14, 2022

Improvements and bug fixes

Date and Time
Added time zone of Slovenia Republic.
Emergency Number
Improved emergency notification mechanism.
Assume that extension 1000 is set as emergency notification contact and the Notification Method of Call Extension is selected, when the extension 1000 calls the emergency number, system will automatically omit the notification method of calling the extension in case that the emergency call is interrupted by the notification call.
System Security
Improved the PBX system security.
System Stability
Fixed the system stability issue: After a user bulk imported a large amount of blocklist parameters, the extension registration and trunk registration became failed.
Fixed the extension registration issue: The extension registration failed after a user upgraded the PBX firmware.
Fixed the IVR prompt issue: A user had set up an IVR, but when the caller reached the IVR, the prompt didn't play.
DID Number
Fixed the DID Number issue: After a user changed the DID number, the inbound call couldn't be sent to the desired destination because the system didn't apply the new configuration in time.
Time Condition
Fixed the Time Condition feature code issue: The system assigned the same feature code to different time condition settings, resulting in that inbound calls couldn't be sent to the desired destination according to time condition.
Fixed the DHCP network issue: When a user set up DHCP mode for PBX, extensions in the same network segment could not be registered unless their remote registration features were enabled.
Call Forwarding
Fixed the Call Forwarding setting issue: The No Answer Call Forwarding destination displayed in the extension user web interface was inconsistent with the one assigned by administrator.
Call Control
Fixed the Outbound Route configuration issue: A user added all extensions in an outbound route, the configuration failed to take effect.
Fixed the Certificate issue: The uploaded certificates didn't display in the certificate options after a user upgraded the PBX firmware.
Fixed the Storage issue: System kept prompting abnormal network drive connection.
Auto Provisioning
Note: This version has optimized the usage experience of Auto Provisioning feature.
Fixed the Auto Provisioning issue: When a user added too many configurations in a custom template, the configurations could not be saved.