Yeastar Linkus

Coordinated with Yeastar K2 IPPBX, Yeastar Linkus provides you with easy access to enhanced call efficiency with enterprise-grade telephony features across all devices at your choice, and gives you remote working agility with softphone, instant messaging, file sharing, etc.

Linkus Server

Linkus Server is designed to work with the Linkus Unified Communications Client app.

To set up Linkus Server for local access only, see Set up Linkus Server without LCS

To set up Linkus Server for both local access and remote access, we recommend that you subscribe Linkus Cloud Service (LCS). For more information, see Linkus Service.
Note: If you want to enjoy Linkus remote connection without subscribing LCS, you have to go through tricky server and complicated network settings. For more information, contact Yeastar.

Linkus Client

Available using Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, Linkus transforms desktop and mobile phone into a fully-featured office extension, provides convenient call experience, and offers powerful collaboration features like presence, instant messaging, contacts management, etc.

To download Linkus Clients, see Linkus Download.

To know more about Linkus Clients, see Linkus Help.

Linkus Service

To make remote working easier and more accessible for Yeastar K2 IPPBX users, Yeastar provides Linkus Cloud Service (LCS).

LCS avoids the necessity of port forwarding when using Linkus outside of the company and offers secure, uninterrupted Linkus remote connection in no time, so your teams can work and collaborate with clear, reliable calling and secure unified communications, irrespective of locations.

To quickly set up Linkus remote connection with LCS, follow the instructions provided below: