Auto Provision

Version 2.4.12

Released Date: August 7, 2019

  • Fixed the issue of Auto Provision Template: The special characters %cn in the custom template could not be identified correctly and would be deleted.
  • Fixed the issue of Auto Provisioning Device List: The Auto Provisioning Device List could not display if the assigned extension name contains a line break.

Version 2.4.11

Released Date: May 14, 2019

  • Updated Russian and Italian web interface.
  • Optimized Auto Provisioning template: The template Name filed allows blank spaces.
  • Optimized the compatibility of Auto Provisioning and Hot Standby: To ensure that IP phones remain registered, the auto provisioning configurations are updated automatically according to the Hot Standby configurations.
  • Optimized Fanvil X6 Auto Provisioning: The URL type of DSS Key allows special character &.
  • Optimized Auto Provisioning template: A template error would occur if the special character & was contained in the customized parameters.
  • Fixed the Yealink Auto Provisioning: The phone web page could not be accessed if the special character ! was contained in the Admin Password.

Version 2.4.8

Released Date: December 5, 2018

  • Added support for Yealink T40G.
  • Added support for Vtech ET635 and ET605.
  • Added support for importing an CSV file to assign extensions to multiple phones in bulk.
  • Increased the number of phone Line for Htek UC9XX.
  • Increased the number of phone Line for Yealink W60B.
  • Added support for configuring iLBC_13_33kbps and iLBC_15_2kbps on Yealink phones.
  • Added Short Name setting for Cisco phones.
  • Added Name option on Line Key Settings page for Fanvil C400 and C600.
  • The default setting of Web Server Type is changed to HTTPS ONLY for the following Snom phones:


  • Optimized Custom Template for Yealink and Vtech phones: Added support for adding parameters in custom template.
  • Fixed the issue that if a Yeastar TA FXS gateway was auto provisioned by the PBX, the TA FXS ports could not receive incoming calls.
  • Fixed the issue that adding contacts on Auto Provisioning web page would cause excessive CPU consumption.
  • Fixed the issue that the Line key settings for Fanvil X6 were incorrectly auto provisioned.
  • Fixed the issue on Yealink T46S and T46G: Failed to upgrade the phone firmware by Auto Provisioning.
  • Fixed the issue that Auto Provisioning Phonebook could not work properly.

Version 2.3.2

Released Date: August 29, 2018

  • Added support for the following IP phones:
    • Snom D715, D712, D725, D745, D765, D785, D120, M215 SC, C520-WiMi
    • Escene ES330-PEG, ES330-PEN, ES620-PEG, ES280-P, ES206-PN, ES205-PN
    • Univois U6S, U1S, U3S
    • Htek UC926E, UC924E, UC912, UC912G, UC802T, UC803T, UC804T, UC804G, UC806T, UC806G
    • Gigaset Maxwell basic, Maxwell 2, Maxwell 3
  • Added support for auto provisioning transfer mode on Yealink phones.
  • Added support for dynamic VPK keys on Grandstream phones.
  • Added Name setting for Fanvil X4 DSS Key.
  • Added support for Fanvil X3S template.
  • Added the date format DD/MM/YYYY for Yealink T41S.
  • Added “Default” language setting for Yealink phones.
  • Updated default templates for Snom phones.
  • Fixed the issue that if a phone was provisioned with multiple accounts, only one account name was displayed.
  • Fixed the issue that PBX could not scan and detect Yealink T40G.
  • Fixed the issue that PBX could not scan and detect Tiptel phones.
  • Fixed the issue that auto provisioning for Snom phones only worked when the “Register Name” was the same as the extension number.
  • Fixed the DSS key issue on Fanvil X6.
  • Fixed the voicemail issue on Yealink default template.
  • Fixed the translation error on German web.
  • Optimized the Time Zone setting of Yealink, Snom, Htek, and Gigaset phones.
  • Fixed the issue that Grandstream phones would reboot continually if the PBX was in Hot-Standby status.
  • Fixed the time zone settings issue on Fanvil phones.
  • Optimized the web interface page.