Queue Settings

References of basic queue settings and caller experience settings.

Basic Queue Settings

Option Description
Number Use this number to dial into the queue, or transfer callers to this number to put them into the queue.
Name Give this queue a brief name to help you identify it.
Password You can require agents to enter a password before they can login to this queue.
Ring Strategy

This option sets the Ringing Strategy for this Queue.

  • Ringing All: Ring All available Agents simultaneously until one answer.
  • Least Recent: Ring the Agent which was least recently called.
  • Fewest Calls: Ring the Agent with the fewest completed calls.
  • Random: Ring a Random Agent.
  • Rrmemory: Round Robin with Memory,Remembers where it left off in the last ring pass.
  • Linear: Rings interfaces in the order specified in the configuration file.
Failover Destination Set the failover destination.
Static Agents

Select static agent of the queue. The static agents will always stay in the queue.

  • The static agent is not allowed to log in and log out the queue.
  • The unselected users are dynamic agents.
Agent Timeout The number of seconds an agent's phone can ring before we consider it a timeout. If you wish to customize, enter the value in the text box directly.
Ring In Use If set to no, unchecked, the queue will avoid sending calls to members whose device are known to be “in use”.
Agent Announcement Announcement played to the Agent prior to bridging in the caller.
Retry The number of seconds to wait before trying all the phones again. If you wish to customize, enter the value in the text box directly.
Wrap-up Time How many seconds after the completion of a call an Agent will have before the Queue can ring them with a new call .If you wish to customize, enter the value in the text box directly. Input 0 for no delay.

Call Experience Settings

Caller Settings
Music On Hold Select the “Music on Hold” playlist for this Queue.
Caller Max Wait Time Select the maximum number of seconds a caller can wait in a queue before being pulled out. If you wish to customize, enter the value in the text box directly. Input 0 for unlimited.
Leave When Empty If enabled, callers already on hold will be forced out of a queue when no agents are available.
Join Empty If enabled, callers can join a queue that has no agents.
Join Announcement Announcement played to callers once prior to joining the queue.
Agent ID Announcement Announcement played to the callers to prompt the agent ID. The agent is who will answer the call.
  • [None]: The system will not announce the agent ID.
  • [Default]: The system will play the prompt “{extension number} will be connected. Please wait”. The {extension number} is the extension number of the agent.
  • Custom Prompt: If you choose your custom prompt. The system will play "{extension number}" + your custom prompt.
Satisfaction Survey Prompt When the agent hangs up, the system will play the prompt to ask the caller to rate their satisfaction scale.
Caller Position Announcements
Announce Position Announce position of caller in the queue.
Announce Hold Time Enabling this option causes PBX to announce the hold time to the caller periodically based on the frequency timer. Either yes or no; hold time will be announced after one minute.
Frequency How often to announce queue position and estimated hold time.
Periodic Announcements
Prompt Select a prompt file to play periodically.
Frequency How often to play the periodic announcements.
Key Once the events settings are configured, the callers are able to press the key to enter the destination you set. Usually, a prompt should be set on Periodic Announcements to guide the callers to press the key.
Agent Auto Pause
Enable Agent Auto Pause Whether to enable or disable agent auto pause.
If enabled, agents who reach the specified Max Missed Calls will receive email notifications and will be paused automatically.
Note: This feature takes effect only when the queue's ring strategy is NOT Ring All.
Max Missed Calls Set the max missed calls for pausing agent service automatically.
Note: When an agent connects to or makes a call, the missed calls count of the agent will be cleared.