Add a Queue

Add a simple call queue.

  1. Go to Settings > PBX > Call Features > Queue, click Add.
  2. Specify a Name and Number for the queue.
  3. Optional: In the Password field, enter a password for dynamic agent to log in and log out of the queue.
  4. Select a Ring Strategy for the call.
    • Ringing All: Ring All available Agents simultaneously until one answer.
    • Least Recent: Ring the Agent which was least recently called.
    • Fewest Calls: Ring the Agent with the fewest completed calls.
    • Random: Ring a Random Agent.
    • Rememory: Round Robin with Memory, Remembers where it left off in the last ring pass.
    • Linear: Rings interfaces in the order specified in the configuration file.
  5. Select Failover Destination, define what should happen if the call does not get answered by an agent.
  6. Select Static Agents for the queue.
    • Dynamic agents: A dynamic agent can log in or log out a queue at any time.
    • Static agents: A static agents will always stay in the queue.
  7. Set the Agent Timeout, define how long the phone should keep ringing before it considers the call unanswered by that agent.
  8. Click Save and Apply.
It is done for a simple call queue, for more information of queue settings, refer to Queue Settings.