Hot Desking Overview

Hot desking allows multiple users to share a phone. Users can log in to the hot-desking phone,and place calls or answer calls by their own extension numbers. This topic describes the features and benefits, use cases, limitations, and supported phone models.

Features and benefits

  • For the extension users with flexible schedules, or work in multiple locations, they can use a hot-desking phone to make secure, high-quality calls by their own extensions.
  • For companies, they can share phones among employees to reduce the investment in facilities and phone hardware.

Use cases

  • Call center

    For agents who work on a flexible schedule, they can share a hot-desking phone at different time periods, make and receive calls on their own extensions.

  • Shared office

    For employees who work flexibly anywhere, such as the sales, they can use the hot-desking phone in the meeting room and make calls to their customers by their own extensions, without physically migrating their own phones or re-registering their own extensions.

Hot desking code

The extension user can dial the hot desking code to log in to or log out of a hot-desking phone as a guest.

You can view or change the hot desking code on PBX web interface: Settings > PBX > General > Feature Code.

The default hot desking code:

  • Guest In: *93
  • Guest Out: *093


  • Hot desking is only applicable to SIP extensions.
  • Only the phone with hot desking enabled can act as a shared phone.
  • The extension user can only use the extension with hot desking enabled to log in to the hot-desking phone as a guest.
  • A hot-desking phone without an extension logged only allows the users to dial the emergency number.

Supported phone models

Hot desking is applicable on the following phones:

Vendor Model
  • SIP-T19P_E2
  • SIP-T21P_E2, SIP-T23P, SIP-T23G, SIP-T27G, SIP-T29G
  • SIP-T40P, SIP-T40G, SIP-T41S, SIP-T41P, SIP-T41U, SIP-T42S, SIP-T42G, SIP-T42U, SIP-T43U, SIP-T46S, SIP-T46G, SIP-T46U, SIP-T48S, SIP-T48G, SIP-T48U
  • SIP-T52S, SIP-T54S, SIP-T53, SIP-T53W, SIP-T54W, SIP-T57W, SIP-T56A, SIP-T58A
  • X1S, X1SG
  • X3SG, X3U
  • X4SG, X4U
  • X5U, X5S
  • X6, X6U
  • X7, X7C, X7A
  • X210, X210i