PBX Monitor

The PBX monitors the status of Trunks, Extensions, Concurrent Call, Conference.

You can log in the PBX web interface, go to PBX Monitor to check the real-time status of your trunks, extensions, and conferences.

Extension Status

Table 1.
Status Description
The extension is idle.
The extension is ringing.
The extension is unavailable.
The extension is busy.
The extension is on held.
Malfunction in FXS interface.

Check the relevant interface and module.

VoIP Trunk Status

Table 2.
Status Description
  • Unreachable
  • Registration failed, caused by:
    • wrong password
    • wrong authentication name
    • wrong user name
    • transport type inconsistent

Concurrent Call

Check the maximum supported concurrent calls and the real-time concurrent calls on the PBX.

Monitor Conference

Check how many conferences are created on the PBX, and monitor the status of the conferences.