System Preferences

Yeastar Central Management provides multiple options for you to customize experience in using the system, such as system language and display format for date, time, and name.

Go to System > Preferences to customize system preferences.

Display Format

Setting Description
Date Display Format Select a date display format.
  • Year/Month/Day
  • Month/Day/Year
  • Day/Month/Year
Time Display Format Select a time display format.
  • 12-hour format
  • 24-hour format
Name Display Format Select a name display format.
  • First Name Last Name with Space Inbetween
  • Last Name First Name with Space Inbetween
  • Last Name First Name without Space Inbetween

System Language

Setting Description
System Language Select a language.
Note: The language will be applied in the following scenarios:
  • Emails: Cloud PBX activation emails, Yeastar Central Management account activation emails, alarm notification emails, etc.
  • Template File: Built-in template file that provides instructions on how to fill in required parameters.