Handle Visit Requests

Yeastar Workplace supports visitor self-registration, which allows visitors to submit visit requests themselves. After the visit request is submitted, the approver should decide whether to approve the visit request. Only when the visit request is approved will the visit be scheduled. This topic describes how approvers handle visit requests submitted by visitors themselves.

About approvers

Approvers refer to users that are allowed to approve or reject visit requests. If you are one of the following users, it indicates that you are allowed to handle the corresponding visit requests through both notification emails and the approval queue.
Visitors must fill in the host information when submitting a visit request. If you are the host that visitors filled in, you are allowed to handle this visit request.
If you are a receptionist and the administrator has granted you permission to approve visit requests, you are allowed to handle all the visit requests submitted to your company.

Handle visit requests via notification email

When visitors submit a visit request, the approvers will receive a notification email, through which approvers can approve or reject the visit request.

Handle visit requests via approval queue

Yeastar Workplace provides an approval queue, in which approvers can view all the visit requests that have been submitted and you can handle the visit requests in bulk.
  1. Log in to Yeastar Workplace web portal, click beside the account button.
    Note: The number on indicates the number of pending requests.

  2. In the top left corner, click the Visit Approval tab to view all the approvals you are involved.

  3. In the list header, click beside Status, select Pending, then click Search to display all the pending visit requests.

  4. Manage the visit requests as needed.
    • To reject visit requests individually, click Reject beside a desired visit request.

    • To approve visit requests individually, do as follows:

      1. Click Approve beside a desired visit request.

      2. In the pop-up window, view and edit the visit details as needed, and click Approve.

    • To approve visit requests in bulk, do as follows:

      1. Select the desired visit requests and click Approve Non-conflicting Requests.

      2. In the pop-up window, click OK.

  • For rejected visit requests: A notification email about the visit rejection is sent to the visitor.

  • For approved visit requests:

    • A visit schedule is created, and a notification about this visit schedule is sent to the host(s).

    • An invitation email is sent to the visitor, through which visitors can submit the check-in questionnaire and check in when they arrive.