Get to Know Yeastar Workplace Desk Booking System

Desk types

Yeastar Workplace provides the following types of Desk:

Permanent Desk
Dedicated desks that are assigned to specific users. Do not support being booked.
For more information, see View and Locate Desks.
Flexible Desk
Desks can be booked by users with booking permission. To use this desk, users need to book, check in and check out.
For more information, see Flexible desk usage flow.

Flexible desk usage flow

Book a desk

To get started, you need to book a desk. Regular users can only book desks for themselves, administrators can book desks for all users.
For more information, see Book a Desk.

Before reservations

In case you need to edit or cancel your desk reservations, you can manage your desk reservations.

Starting soon

When a desk reservation is reaching the start time,users need to check in to confirm their reservations.
For more information, see Check in to a Desk Reservation.

After a reservation

When a desk is no longer needed, you can release an in-use desk for others to use.
For more information, see Release a Desk.