Configure User Permission

To grand more privilege for a user or change the user's privilege, you need to configure the User Permission on PBX.


In the following scenarios, you may need to add permissions for the extension users according to their roles.

  • For an HR, he/she may need the permission to add extension, configure extension's outbound route privilege when there are new staffs.

  • For a supervisor, he/she will have permission to check the CDR and recordings, and have no permission to configure the system or other extensions.


  1. Log in the PBX web interface by admin account, go to Settings > System > User Permission, click Add.
  2. On the configuration page, select the User.
  3. Set the Set Privilege As.
    • Administrator: All the permissions are enabled for the user by default.
    • Custom User: No permission is enabled for the user by default.
  4. Click the Settings, CDR and Recordings, Monitor, Application, Contacts, and Others tabs, and check or uncheck the relevant options for the user.
  5. Click Save and Apply.

    Results: When the user logs in the PBX web interface by the extension user account, he/she can access the permitted configuration page.