Configure Static IP Address

This topic describes how to assign a static IP address to the LAN network interface when the PBX is in Single network mode.

  1. Go to Settings > Systems > Network > Basic Settings.
  2. In the Hostname field, enter a host name.
  3. In the Mode field, select Single mode.
  4. Select Static IP Address and enter the network information as follows.
    Note: Consult your network administrator to get the network information.

    • IP Address: Enter the IP address that is assigned to the PBX.
    • Subnet Mask: Enter the subnet mask.
    • Gateway: Enter the gateway address.
    • Preferred DNS Server: Enter the IP address of preferred DNS server.
    • Alternative DNS Server: Optional. Enter the IP address of alternative DNS server.
    • IP Address 2: Optional. Enter a second IP address for the PBX.
      Note: According to your network environment, you may need to set another IP address to allow users in different IP segment to access the PBX.
    • Subnet Mask 2: Optional. Enter another subnet mask for the second IP address.
  5. Click Save and reboot the PBX to take effect.