Access the PBX via SSH

You can access the PBX via SSH to check logs and debug the PBX.

  • The SSH access is disabled by default.
  • Disable SSH access if you don't need to debug the PBX.
  1. Enable SSH service on the PBX.
    1. Go to Settings > System > Security > Service, check the option Enable SSH.
    2. Note down the auto generated password, click OK.
      • The auto generated SSH password is supported on the firmware version or later.
      • For the PBX version before, the default password is iyeastar.
    3. Click Save and Apply.
  2. Use PuTTY to access the PBX via SSH.
    • Host Name (or IP address): Enter the IP address of the PBX.
    • Port: Enter the SSH port.
    • Connection Type: Choose SSH.
  3. To get more logs in the window, set the Lines of scrollback to a larger value, click Apply.
  4. Enter the username and password to access the PBX.
    • login as: Enter support.
    • password: Enter the SSH password.
      Tip: After copying the SSH password, right click on the Putty interface to paste password.