System Log

The PBX automatically trace the PBX information, notices, warnings, errors, debug logs, and web logs, then generate log files. You can download the system logs on the PBX web interface, and check the logs.

Go to Maintenance > System Log to trace real-time logs or download the generated system logs.

System Log Settings

The PBX traces different levels of log.

  • Information: Basic information.
  • Notice: NOTICE information.
  • Warning: WARNING information.
  • Error: ERROR information.
  • DTMF: DTMF information.
  • Time Log: Add time stamp of system logs.
  • Debug: Select the following checkboxes to decide which type of debug logs to trace:
    • Enable SIP Debug
    • Enable RTP Debug
    • Enable BRI Debug
    • Enable SS7/PRI Debug
    • Enable SMS Debug

System Log

The PBX generates system logs everyday. The system logs are compressed into a tar file. You can check the system logs on the System Log page.

Click to download the log file and open the log file by Notepad++ or other editor software to check the logs.

The PBX provides the following kinds of system logs:

  • PBX firmware version
  • AMI logs
  • API logs
  • Asterisk guard logs
  • App logs
  • Module update logs
  • Linkus Cloud Service logs
  • SSH connection logs
  • PnP logs
  • Web logs