Access the PBX via FTP

You can access the PBX via FTP to check and download files from the PBX, or upload files to the PBX.

  1. Enable FTP service on the PBX and get the password of FTP access.
    1. Go to Settings > System > Security > Service.
    2. Check the option Enable FTP.
    3. Click Save and Apply.
    4. Check the option Enable SSH to get the password of ftp login.
      • The password of SSH login and FTP login are the same.
      • The auto generated SSH password is supported on the firmware version or later.
      • For the PBX version before, the default password is iyeastar.
    5. Note down the password and cancel the change.
  2. Access the PBX via FTP.
    1. On a Windows PC, press Win + E to open a Windows Explorer window.
    2. In the address bar, enter the FTP address of the PBX, press Enter.
      ftp://{IP address of the PBX}
    3. Enter the User name and password, click Log On.
      • User Name: Enter support.
      • Password: Enter the password of the SSH/FTP login.