Omnichannel Messaging Agent Guide

This guide provides guidance on how to manage incoming customer inquiries on a unified agent portal available on web, desktop, and mobile devices.


This guide is intended for customer service representatives (agents) who handles chat interaction with customers through multiple digital messaging channels.

Agent portal

To enhance communication mobility and improve agent productivity, Yeastar provides a unified agent portal integrated into the Linkus UC Clients that is available on mobile, desktop, and web-based platforms. Agents can efficiently handle message-based interactions come from multiple digital channels through the supported clients.

Supported Client Description
Linkus Web Client The Linkus Web Client allows agents to manage customers' chat interactions directly from a web browser.
Linkus Desktop Client The Linkus Desktop Client allows agents to manage customers' chat interactions with a desktop application installed on the agent's computer, providing a robust and stable environment for agents to perform their tasks.
Linkus Mobile Client The Linkus Mobile Client is suitable for agents who need the flexibility to handle customers' chat interactions on the go.