Make a Video Call

You can make and receive video calls on Linkus when your mobile phone is connected to the Internet.

Requirements and restrictions

Before you begin, read through the requirements and restrictions for the feature:
  • Contact system administrator to ensure that your organization's server meets the requirements:
    • Version: or later
    • Plan: Ultimate Plan
  • Make sure that your Linkus meets the requirement:
    • Linkus iOS Client: Version 5.0.13 or later
    • Linkus Android Client: Version 5.3.12 or later
Only 1:1 video call is supported.

3 ways to make a video call

You can make a video call in the following ways:

Scenario Instruction
Make a video call from Directory
  1. At the bottom of Linkus, tap Directory.
  2. Tap the desired tab.
  3. Tap the desired contact, then tap .
Make a video call from Chat
Figure 1. Method 1
Figure 2. Method 2
There are two ways to make a video call from your chat:
  • Method 1

    At the bottom-right corner of a chat window, tap , then tap Video Call.
  • Method 2

    At the top-right corner of a chat window, tap , then tap Video Call.
Make a video call from Call Logs
  1. At the bottom of Linkus, tap Calls.
  2. Tap Call Logs.
  3. Tap beside the desired contact, then tap .


Q: Can I switch from an audio call to a video call?
Yes. During an audio call, you can tap the Video icon to switch to a video call.
The other party will receive an invitation. When he or she accepts the invitation, the video call is established.
Q: Why there is no response when I tap the Video icon?
The issue may arise from the following reasons:
  • Your organization's server is NOT subscribed with Ultimate Plan.
  • ICE (Interactive Connectivity Establishment) feature is disabled on your Linkus Mobile Client. To enable the feature, go to Me > Settings > Audio Options > ICE.
Q: Can I minimize Linkus video call window?
Yes. During the video call, you can tap to minimize the video call window.
Note: If you use Linkus Android Client, you will be prompted to grant permission the first time you perform the operation. You need to grant Linkus the permission to draw over other apps. An example of HONOR V40 is shown below:

The video call window will be displayed on Linkus.
Q: Can I switch views during a video call?
  • To switch between your front and back cameras, tap .
  • To switch between the main content area and the thumbnail, tap the view at the top-right corner.