Make a Conference Call

Linkus Conference feature allows you to initiate and host an ad-hoc conference call and invite other participants to join. It is a quick and easy way to have a conference call whether you are in the office or not.


Up to 9 participants can be on a conference call.


  1. At the bottom-right corner of Linkus, tap Conference.
  2. Tap Create Conference.
    Note: You can also tap at the top-right conner to make a conference call.
  3. Optional: In the Name field, change the default name to the subject of the conference.
  4. Add participants to the conference call.
    1. Tap .
    2. Select the desired participants, then tap OK.
      • A window may pop up in the following cases:
        • There are several numbers for the participant: In this case, tap the desired number.
        • There is only one number for the participant and it is an external one: In this case, you can tap the number directly to call the original number, or tap to select a prefix to prepend before calling out.
      • In case you add specific participants by mistake, tap , then tap at the top-right of desired participant.

  5. Tap Start Conference.


The invited participants will receive a call, you can check call status on the call screen.

  • : The participant answers the call.
  • : The participant's phone is ringing.
  • : The participant doesn't answer the call or lost connection.

    In this case, you can tap the participant, then tap Call Again to send a new call.

Tip: After the conference call ends, it will be saved on the Conference list. You can resume the conference call anytime you want.