Merge Calls into an Audio Conference Call

When there are two active calls on Linkus Desktop Client, you can merge them into a single audio conference call, and host and manage it as the conference host.

Requirements and restrictions

Make sure that the version of Linkus Desktop Client meets the following requirements:
  • Windows Desktop: Version 1.2.14 or later
  • Mac Desktop: Version 1.2.10 or later
Only calls of the same type (either both voice calls or both video calls) can be merged into an audio conference call.


  • Make sure that Linkus Desktop Client is in Desktop Client mode.

  • You have two active calls of the same type on Linkus Desktop Client.


  1. At the bottom of the call panel, click Merge Calls.

  2. In the pop-up window, click Confirm.


The two active calls are merged into one audio conference call, and you are the host.