Set up Automatic Ticket Creation for Zoho Desk

After integrating Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition with Zoho Desk, you can set up automatic ticket creation for Zoho Desk contacts, so as to automatically convert inbound calls and outbound calls into support tickets.

Note: Due to limitations in Zoho Desk, the "Automatic Ticket Creation feature" is only available for Contacts and not for Accounts.


You have integrated Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition with Zoho Desk.


  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Integrations > Helpdesk.
  2. On the Zoho Desk integration page, select the checkbox of Create New Ticket Automatically.
  3. In the When to Create New Ticket drop-down list, select the time point to create a new ticket.

    • After the Call: A ticket will be created in Zoho Desk automatically when the Zoho Desk user ends the call with a contact.
  4. In the The Type of Call to Create Ticket drop-down list, select specific call type(s) based on which a new ticket will be created.

    • Inbound Answered: Inbound calls that are answered.
    • Inbound No Answer: Inbound calls that are missed.
    • Outbound Answered: Outbound calls that are answered.
    • Outbound No Answer: Outbound calls that are not answered.
  5. Click Save.


New tickets will be created for existing Zoho Desk contacts automatically based on the specified call types. Users can check the auto-created tickets on the details page of the Zoho Desk contacts.
Note: If you have set up automatically creating contacts for Zoho Desk, the system also creates new tickets for unknown inbound or outbound calls.