Set Pause Reasons for Queue Agents

Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition allows you to set specific reasons for pause status of queue agents. Agents can pause with reasons by feature code, or by dedicated button on their Linkus Clients. Queue managers can track the pause reasons and duration of agents in call reports.


Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition supports up to 20 pause reasons.


  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Call Features > Queue.
  2. On the top of the queue list, click Pause Reason.

  3. In the pop-up window, complete the following settings:
    Note: Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition provides the following default pause reasons and the corresponding feature codes. You can modify them or add new ones.

    1. Specify pause reasons and the corresponding feature codes.
      • Feature Code: Assign a feature code to the pause reason.
      • Pause Reason: Specify the reason why an agent pauses receiving calls.
    2. Click Save.


  • The pause reasons are available for all queues in the PBX.
  • Queue agents can pause with reasons in the following ways:
    • By feature code

      Queue agents can dial Pause Feature Code + Queue Number + Pause Reason Feature Code to pause from a queue for corresponding reason.

      Tip: You can obtain the Pause feature code on Call Features > Feature Code > Queue > Pause/Unpause.

      For example, an agent dials "*076400*03" to pause from queue 6400 for Wrap up reason.

    • By dedicated button on Linkus Clients
      Queue agents can click Pause button and select a specific pause reason on their Linkus Clients, as shown in the following table.
      Linkus Web Client Linkus Desktop Client Linkus Mobile Client

      On web page

      On 'Yeastar Linkus for Google' Chrome extension

      Note: To use the feature, the App version should be updated.
      • Linkus Android Client: 4.10.6 or later
      • Linkus iOS Client: 4.10.3 or later
  • Queue managers can switch agents to pause on a specific reason from the queue panel.