(30010) Trunk Registration Status Changed

When the trunk registration status is changed, the PBX will send an event report to the third-party application.

Report parameters

Table 1.
Parameter Type Description
type Integer Event ID.
sn String PBX's serial number.
msg Object<Trunk_RegInfo> The detailed information of the trunk registration status.
Table 2.
Parameter Type Description
trunk_name String Trunk name.
kind String Trunk type.
  • GSM: GSM trunk.
  • E1: E1 trunk.
  • BRI: BRI trunk.
  • FXO: FXO trunk.
  • PJSIP: SIP trunk.
status Integer Trunk status.
registered_ip String The IP address and port where the trunk is registered to.
Trunk status
Table 3.
Status Description
0 Unknown status.
1 The trunk is Idle.
2 The trunk is Busy.
3 The SIP trunk is idle and unmonitored.
4 The SIP trunk is registering.
5 The GSM trunk is registering.
11 FXO trunk failure.
12 No PSTN line plugged in FXO interface.
21 The E1/BRI trunk is unavailable due to incorrect protocol layer configuration.
22 E1/BRI trunk failure caused by malfunction in the interface/module.
23 The E1/BRI trunk is unavailable as no trunk plugged in.
31 GSM module failure.
32 GSM trunk module is powered off.
33 No SIM card inserted in GSM module.
34 GSM trunk has no signal.
35 GSM trunk PIN error.
36 GSM cellular network registration failure.
41 SIP register trunk registration failed.
42 The SIP trunk is unreachable.
43 The SIP account trunk is unavailable.
44 The SIP trunk is disabled.

Report examples

SIP peer trunk is idle.
    "type": 30010,
    "sn": "3631A2124XXX",
    "msg": "{"trunk_name":"peering","kind":"PJSIP","status":1,"registered_ip":""}"