Allow Users to Change IVR Prompt Remotely

This topic describes how to allow users to change IVR prompt remotely.

Background information

Users may need to change IVR prompt in an emergency (for example, unable to log in to the PBX in bad weather). Yeastar K2 IPPBX allows users to change IVR prompt remotely without logging in to PBX with a computer, and just call in by phone and record a new greeting.


  1. Log in to the PBX web interface, go to Settings > PBX > Call Features > IVR, edit a desired IVR.
  2. Select the checkbox of Enable Remote IVR Feature Code.
  3. In the Password field, enter a password for authentication.

    Uers need to enter the password to change VR prompt.

  4. Click Save and Apply.


Users can dial in IVR, enter the IVR prompt feature code (#9) and password, and follow the voice prompt to record a new IVR prompt on their phones. If IVR prompt is replaced successfully, the previous voice prompt will be removed, and only the new voice prompt will be retained.