Register Snom Phone with Yeastar Cloud PBX

This article is based on Snom D305 and Yeastar Cloud PBX v81.8.0.7.

This article is applicable to the following phones:
  • Snom 320, 710, 715, 720, 725, 760, 765
  • Snom D Series: 305, 315, 345, 375
Note: For the IP phone with different firmware version, the web GUI may be different.
  1. To check the IP address of the phone, press Settings > Information > System Info or press Menu > Information > System Info.
  2. Log in the web page of the phone, go to Setup > Identify 1 to configure the account 1.
    • Identify active: On
    • Displayname: Fill in the name you wish to appear on the phone screen.
    • Account: Fill in the extension number.
    • Password: Fill in the extension's Registration Password.
    • Registrar: Fill in the domain of your PBX.
    • Authentication Username: Fill in the extension's Registration Name.
    • Mailbox: Fill in the feature code of Check Voicemail on the PBX. The default code is *2.
  3. Click RTP tab, set RTP Encryption to Off if you don't enable SRTP feature for the extension.
  4. Click Apply, then click Save in the top-right corner.