Register Fanvil Phone with Yeastar Cloud PBX

This guide is based on Fanvil C400 and Yeastar Cloud PBX v81.8.0.7.

This guide is applicable to the following phones:
  • Fanvil C Series: C01, C58, C58P, C400, C600
  • Fanvil X3 Series: X3, X3P, X3SP
  • Fanvil X5 Series: X5,X5G
Note: For the IP phone with different firmware version, the web GUI may be different.
  1. Log in the web page of the phone.
    • User: admin
    • Password: admin
  2. Click Line and choose a line to configure.
    • User Name: Fill in the extension number.
    • Display Name: Set the name you want to appear on other phone's screen when calling other phones.
    • Authentication Name: Fill in the extension's Registration Name.
    • Authentication Password: Fill in the extension's Registration Password.
    • Active: Check
    • SIP Proxy Server Address: Fill in the domain of your PBX.
    • SIP Proxy Server Port: Fill in the SIP port of your PBX.
  3. Click Apply.
    If the extension is registered, the Line Status will show "Registered".