If the uaCSTA feature is enabled, the PBX will send a report to the application server when the extension is ringing or when the extension's call is answered or refused by uaCSTA feature.


To perform the uaCSTA control operations for IP phones, make sure the following requirements are met.

Report parameters

Parameter Type Description
event String Event type.
operation String The operation that is executed.
  • callstart: The extension is ringing.
  • callanwer: The call is accepted using uaCSTA feature.
  • callover: The call is hung up or refused using uaCSTA feature.
extnumber Integer The extension number that you want to control.
cstacallid String The unique ID of each uaCSTA call. When the uaCSTA feature is enabled, the system will automatically assign a cstacallid to each call.
Note: You can acquire the cstacallid from the uacstacall event.
ipaddress String The IP address of the IP phone where the extension is registered.
sn String The PBX's serial number.

Report example

Accept: application/json
User-Agent: WebAPI
Content-Type: application/json