Error Code

Error Code Description
10002 Unsupported XML data packet format.
10003 Unsupported API request.
10004 The required parameter is blank.
10005 The callid does not exist.
10006 The extension does not exist.
10007 The call does not exist.
10008 The extension isn't idle.
10009 The extension does not allow to be monitored.
10010 The monitor mode does not match.
10011 The called number does not exist.
10012 The IVR does not exist.
10013 The queue does not exist.
10014 The ring group does not exist.
10015 The call is not connected.
10016 Call acceptance/rejection times out.
10017 The extension configuration failed.
10018 The IVR configuration failed.
10019 The queue configuration failed.
10020 Failed to add or modify an alarm.
10021 The alarm does not exist.
10022 The alarm already exists.
10023 The audio file does not exist.
10024 The extension does not have outbound call permission.
10025 High frequency of applying new configurations.
10026 The GSM module name doesn't exist.
10027 The GSM module is in use or there is no idle GSM Module
10028 The number cannot be blank.
10029 Fail to open SMS file.
10030 The SMS contents cannot be blank.
10031 The callee number doesn't meet the requirement.
10032 Wrong password.
10033 Fail to save the outbound route settings for extension.
10034 Failed to add a paging group.
10035 Add failed: Duplicate paging group.
10036 Paging group does not exist.
10037 The paging group configuration failed.
10038 The paging group was deleted.
10039 Wrong paging group parameters.
10040 Added failed: Reach the upper limit of paging group.
10041 Add failed: Reach the upper limit of extension members in a paging group.
10042 Wrong trunk name.
10043 Duplicate trunk names.
10044 Wrong trunk type.
10045 Wrong hostname/IP.
10046 Wrong port.
10047 Wrong domain.
10048 Wrong username.
10049 Duplicate username.
10050 Wrong authentication name.
10051 Wrong From User.
10052 Wrong authentication password.
10053 Extension in the DOD setting does not exist.
10054 Extension group in the DOD setting does not exist.
10055 Wrong DOD number.
10056 Wrong length of DOD number.
10057 Wrong DOD name.
10058 Wrong length of DOD name.
10059 Wrong DOD format.
10060 Add failed: Reach the upper limit of trunks.
10061 Failed to delete the trunk.
10062 The trunk does not exist.
10063 Wrong inbound route name.
10064 Duplicate inbound route.
10065 Failed to save the DID settings for the inbound route.
10066 Failed to save the settings of Caller ID pattern for the inbound route.
10067 The trunk used by the inbound route does not exist.
10068 Wrong destination type of the inbound route.
10069 Wrong destination of the inbound route.
10070 Add failed: Reach the upper limit of inbound route.
10071 Failed to delete the inbound route.
10072 The inbound route does not exist.
10073 Wrong outbound route name.
10074 Duplicate outbound routes.
10075 Wrong prefix of the inbound route.
10076 Wrong strip of the inbound route.
10077 Wrong prepend of the inbound route.
10078 The trunk which is available to the outbound route does not exist.
10079 The extension which is available to use the outbound route does not exist.
10080 The extension group which is available to use the outbound route does not exist.
10081 Add failed: Reach the upper limit of outbound route.
10082 Failed to delete outbound route.
10083 The outbound route does not exist.
10088 Wrong DID number of the trunk.
10089 Wrong length of DID number for the trunk.
10090 Wrong DID name of the trunk.
10091 Wrong length of DID name for the trunk.
10092 Add failed: Reach the upper limit of DID number for the trunk.
10100 Monitor type does not exist.
10101 Request parameter is out of the features of the API interface. Check caller and callee.
10102 Conference configurations failed. Check the error data.
10103 The channelid does not exist.
10104 Prompt volume does not fall within 0-20.
10105 Operation type for attended transfer does not exist.
10106 There is no conference in session

The attended transfer cannot be perform before consulting.

10110 The conference number does not exist.
10112 There's no members in the conference.
10113 The conference number already exists.
10115 The value must be numbers and letters.
10116 An error occurred while connecting to the AMI.
10117 The temporary conference number cannot be in the fixed conference.
10118 Value of prompt volume can only be numeric.
10119 Administrator member does not exist.
10120 The number conference participant reaches the upper limit.
10121 The conference name can only be numbers and letters.
10122 Failed to call the administrator when the conference was created.
10123 The conference ID does not exist.
10124 The number of conference reaches the limit.
10125 Mute conference member failed.
10126 Unmute conference member failed.
10127 Kick conference member failed.
10128 The conference id can only be numbers and letters.
10129 No permission to invite members.
10130 Attended transfer is only available to internal extensions.
10131 The number is out of range.
10132 The Linkus application is not installed on system.
10133 The value of enablelinkus is invalid.
10134 The extension's email is not configured.
10135 The Linkus client is not enabled for the extension.
10136 The email server is not configured on system.
10137 The number of Linkus Clients exceeds the limit.
10138 The contact id does not exist.
10139 Contacts feature is not supported on the server.
10140 The entered value does not meet the requirement.
10141 No company contacts is found.
10142 The number of company contacts reaches the limit.
10143 The extension group id is wrong.
10144 The format of extension group name is wrong.
10145 The extension group name already existed.
10146 Fail to add, please confirm whether the data base is corrupted.
10148 The number of extension groups reaches the limit.

There is no valid extension number in the updated extension group.

10151 The parking slot number is abnormal.
10152 Call parking operation failure.
10153 uaCSTA operation failure.
20000 Only support json format.
20001 Only support POST request.
20002 User login failure (user locked out).
20003 User login failure (invalid username or password).
20004 No such Token.
20005 Token is blank.
20006 Token times out.
20007 Blank data.
20008 Wrong port.
20009 Blank request.
20010 Failed to send request to apisrv for processing.
20011 HeartBeat Configuration request failure.
20012 The random string of recording file is invalid.
20013 Wrong captcha.
20014 The recording file does not exist.
20015 The setting of allowedip is wrong.
20016 The voicemail status is wrong.
20017 The random string of voicemail file is invalid.
20018 The voicemail file does not exist.
Tip: Check if the download link has expired.
20019 The CDR time format is wrong.
20020 The random string of CDR file is invalid.
20021 The CDR file does not exist.
20022 The YMP IP is invalid.
30001 API codes error.
30002 Request to process AMI's return data timed out
30003 The apisrv does not start up.