If failed to initiate a call, the PBX will send a CallFailed report to the application server.

Note: Calls initiated by the API or placed on the IP phone will both be reported. CallFailed report excludes calls that are routed to voicemail.

Report parameters

Parameter Type Description
callid String The unique ID of each call.
event String Event type.
reason String Call failure reason.
  • NO Outbound Restriction: The extension is not permitted to make an outbound call.
  • Circuit/channel congestion: Engaged. The channel is in use.
  • DND: The callee enabled DND.
  • Line Unreachable: The external line is unreachable.
  • User Busy: The callee declined the call.
  • 410 Gone: Away.
  • 404 NOT found: The callee number is not found.
  • 408 Request Time: The call is not answered or the callee powers off.
  • 480 Temporatily Unavailable: The call is not answered.
  • 484 Address incomplete: Incorrect format of callee number.
  • 486 Busy here: The callee is busy in a call.
  • 603 Declined: The call is timed out.
members Array <MemberType> A list of information for different types of members during a call.
sn String The PBX's serial number.
Parameter Type Description
ext Object <ExtensionInfo> Extension information.
Parameter Type Description
number String The extension number.
channelid String The call channel ID of each member during the call.

Report example

Host: 8260
Accept: application/json
User-Agent: WebAPI
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json

	"callid": "1573097568.15",
	"event": "CallFailed",
	"reason": "NO Outbound Restriction",
	"members": [
			"ext": {
				"number": "1023",
				"channelid": "PJSIP/1023-0000000a"
	"sn": "369451090405"