If Call Forwarding is enabled for an extension, PBX will send a Forward report to the application server when an incoming call to this extension is forwarded.

Report parameters

Parameter Type Description
event String Event type.
callid String The unique ID of each call.
members Array <MemberType> A list of information for different types of members during a call.
sn String The PBX's serial number.
Parameter Type Description
inbound Object <InboundInfo> The information of inbound calls.
Parameter Type Description
from Integer The caller number.
to Integer The callee number.
trunkname String The name of the trunk that passes the inbound calls.
channelid String The call channel ID of each member during the call.

Report example

External number 12345678 calls extension 1020, and extension 1020 forwards the call to another number.

Host: 8260
Accept: application/json
User-Agent: WebAPI
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json

	"event": "Forward",
	"callid": "1571901993.46",
	"members": [
			"inbound": {
				"from": "12345678",
				"to": "1020",
				"trunkname": "siptrunk",
				"channelid": "PJSIP/trunk-siptrunk-endpoint-0000001c"
	"sn": "369451090405"