Adjust Audio Quality

You can improve Linkus call quality by adjusting the settings of echo cancellation, codec, Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE), and audio gain.


  1. At the top-left corner of Linkus, tap your account.
  2. Go to Settings > Audio Options, configure the following settings according to your needs.
    Setting Description
    Echo Cancellation Enable this option to remove the echo that is heard when talking on the phone.

    Select a codec to improve call quality with lossy compression.

    The supported codes are shown below:
    • u-law
    • a-law
    • iLBC
    • G722
    • G729 (default)
    • Opus
    ICE (Interactive Connectivity Establishment)
    Enable this option to improve call quality by reducing network latency and packet loss.
    Note: To make this configuration take effect, you need to exit and reopen Linkus.
    Audio Gain Control Adjust the audio gain for the audio received and transmitted, this is helpful if you suffer from poor call quality (e.g. the other side's voice is too loud or too low).