Customize Your Voicemail Settings

This topic describes how to customize your voicemail settings, including voicemail access PIN, new voicemail notification, voicemail play options, and voicemail greetings.


  1. Log in to Linkus Desktop Client, go to Preferences > Voicemail.
  2. Turn on the option Enable Voicemail.
  3. In the Voicemail PIN Authentication drop-down list, decide whether a PIN is required when you access voicemail.
    • Enabled: You need to enter a PIN to access your voicemail messages.

      You can set the PIN number in the Voicemail Access PIN field.

    • Disabled: You can access your voicemail messages directly.
  4. In the New Voicemail Notification drop-down list, decide whether to receive email notification for new voicemails.
    • To disable email notifications, select Do Not Send Email Notifications.
    • To enable email notifications, select one of the following options:
      • Send Email Notifications with Attachment: Send a notification email with the new voicemail message attached as a .wav file.
      • Send Email Notifications without Attachment: Send notification emails only.
  5. If you enabled email notifications, configure the following settings as needed:
    Setting Description
    After Notification Decide how to deal with voicemails after notification emails are sent out.
    • Mark as Read: Mark the voicemail message in mailbox as read.
    • Delete Voicemail: Delete the voicemail messages from mailbox.
    • Do Nothing: Keep the voicemail message in mailbox as unread.
    Send to Specify the email address for receiving notification emails.
    • User Email: Send notification emails to your email address.
    • Custom Email: Send notification emails to a custom email address.

      Enter the desired email address in the Custom Email Address field.

  6. Optional: Set whether to play the following messages when playing a voicemail.
    • Play Date and Time
    • Play Caller ID
    • Play Message Duration
  7. In the Voicemail Greeting section, decide which greeting will be played to callers when they reach your mailbox.

    By default, the system greeting is your default greeting, you can upload or record custom voicemail greetings and set it as the new default greeting.

    Note: If you want to play specific greetings based on your presence status, select an existing one from the corresponding drop-down list.

  8. Click Save.