Set up Third-party Integration for Call Popup

Yeastar Popup URL allows a lightweight integration with a third-party application (such as CRM system, ERP system, etc.) to achieve call popup. When your extension receive a call, the server calls the URL of the third-party application and retrieves relevant customer data to display on the pop-up web page.


Third-party application:
  • Web-based.
  • Support to provide a URL that can identify callers via Caller ID and Caller ID Name.


  1. Log in to Linkus Desktop Client, go to Preferences > Features.
  2. Turn on the option Popup URL.
  3. Set up third-party integration via Popup URL.
    Setting Description
    Popup URL Enter the third-party URL, followed by the variables that you want to pass.
    Supported variables:
    • .{{.CallerNumber}}: Incoming Caller ID.
    • .{{.CallerDisplayName}}: Incoming Caller ID Name.

    Take Solve360 CRM as an example: https://web/{{.CallerNumber}}&{{.CallerDisplayName}}

    Communication Type

    Select which types of calls will trigger the call popup.

    • Inbound: Inbound calls from external users.
    • Internal: Internal calls from colleagues.
    Trigger Event

    Set when the call popup will be automatically triggered.

    • Ringing: An incoming call reaches.
    • Answered: An incoming call is answered.
    • Call End: An incoming call is ended.
  4. Click Save.


When an incoming call reaches your extension, a pop-up screen automatically appears in your web browser and displays relevant customer data.
Important: For the first-time use, you need to allow pop-ups and redirection in your browser, or the pop-up screen can NOT be opened automatically.