Make Outbound Calls through the Extended FXO Trunks

After connecting Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition and Yeastar TA FXO gateway, you need to set up routes, so as to make outbound calls through the extended FXO trunks.


The application scenario is shown as the following figure.


Step 1. Create an outbound route on Yeastar PBX system

On Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition, create an outbound route to allow users to reach the Yeastar TA810 gateway.
  1. Log in to PBX web portal, go to Call Control > Outbound Route, click Add.
  2. Configure the following settings for the outbound route and leave other settings as default.
    • Name: Specify a name to help you identify it.
    • Dial Pattern: Set the dial patterns according to your needs.

      In this example, set Pattern to 9., and set Strip to 1. Users should dial prefix 9 before the target number. For example, to call number 123456, users should dial 9123456.

    • Trunk: Select the SIP account trunk that is connected to Yeastar TA810 gateway. In this example, select the trunk Connect-to-TA810-Gateway.

    • Extension/Extension Group: Select the extensions that are allowed to make calls through this outbound route. In this example, select all extensions.

  3. Click Save and Apply.

Step 2. Create an 'IP->Port' route on Yeastar TA810 gateway

On Yeastar TA810 gateway, create an IP->Port route to allow PBX users to make outbound calls through FXO trunk.
  1. Log in to gateway web interface, go to Gateway > Route Settings > IP->Port, click Add IP->Port Route.
  2. In the pop-up window, configure the route.

    • Simple Mode: Select No.
    • Route Name: Enter a name to help you identify it.
    • Call Source: Select the SIP trunk that is connected to Yeastar P-Series Cloud Edition. In this example, select the trunk SIP Trunk - PCEtrunking.
    • DID Number: Set to . to allow users to dial any number.
    • Call Destination: Select the FXO trunks that will be used to call out. In this example, select all FXO trunks.
  3. Click Save and Apply Changes.

Step 3. Make a test call from Yeastar PBX system

For example, the outbound caller ID of the extended FXO trunk is 505523301, when extension 2000 dials 91588035242, the user 1588035242 will ring, and caller ID "505523301" is displayed.