Upgrade Firmware by HTTP Method

You can get the firmware download link from Yeastar Firmware Download center, and enter the link to the PBX web interface to upgrade firmware.

Make sure that the PBX could access the Internet, or the upgrade will fail.
  1. Go to Maintenance > Upgrade > Manual Upgrade.
  2. If you want to reset the configuration to factory defaults, check the option Reset Configuration to Factory Default.
    Important: If you check this option, all your PBX configurations will be erased. We don't suggest you reset the PBX before upgrade firmware.
  3. Set Type to Download From HTTP Server.
  4. Enter the firmware download link in the HTTP URL field.
    Note: The URL should be a download link for a .bin file.

    For example, http://www.yeastar.com/download/S_Series/

  5. Click Download.
    The PBX will start downloading file from the HTTP server, and upgrading the firmware automatically.
    Note: When the PBX is updating the firmware, do NOT turn off the power. Or the system will get damaged.