Monitor Time Condition State

You can set a BLF key on your phone to quickly override time condition and monitor the time condition state.

About this task

We take Yealink Phone v2.73.193.50 as an example to explain how to set BLF key to monitor time codition state.


  1. Set Time Condition Override permission for the extension that is registered on the IP phone.
    1. Log in PBX interface, go to Settings > PBX > General > Feature Code > Time Condition, click Set Extension Permission.
    2. Select the desired extension from Available box to Selected box.
    3. Click Save and Apply.
  2. Set BLF key on the phone where the extension is registered.
    1. Log in the phone web interface, go to DSS Key > Memory Key.
    2. Set Key Type as BLF.
    3. Set Key Value as feature code of Time Condition.
    4. Select the Line as the extension registered line.
    5. Optional: In the Extension field, enter a description of the key.
    6. Click Confirm.
    The BLF LED will show the Time Condition state:
    • Red: The PBX is using this Time Condition; inbound calls go to the destination of the time condition.
    • Green: This Time Condition is not being used.

    Press a BLF key to override time condition, the BLF LED turns to red.

    You can also check the Time Condition state on PBX web interface. When the state shows , the PBX is using the time condition.