Contacts Overview

Linkus Contacts provides an overview of your external contacts that are stored on the server. The Linkus Contacts is subdivided into two types, namely personally managed contacts (stored in Personal Contacts) and shared contacts (stored in Company Contacts or phonebook).

Personal Contacts

The Personal Contacts is only visible to yourself. You can store your own external contacts (such as direct customers) in it.

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Company Contacts

The Company Contacts or phonebook is shared among authorized colleagues. You can store external contacts (such as company's customers, resellers, and partners) in it, so as to share contact information with your team members and thus enhancing team collaboration.
Note: If you fail to see Company Contacts or specific phonebooks, it indicates that you don't have the viewing permission. Contact system administrator to grant you the permission if necessary.
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Favorite Contacts

For contacts (both Personal Contacts and Company Contacts) that you are frequently or commonly communicated with, you can mark them as favorites. The marked contacts will be displayed in the Favorite Contacts list for quick location and retrieval.

For more information, see Mark or Remove Favorite Contacts.